Tour packages in Kenya

Kanha, Madhya Pradesh: The central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is the king of the tiger territory of India. Five tiger parks here give tourists the chance to see a tiger, but this is the most famous of them. The forests here are vast, and while your chances of seeing a tiger are probably lower than in nearby Bandavgarh, they are still very good. Add to this the fact that you can really go deep into the woods, because of the huge base area of ??the park, surrounded by a large buffer zone, and you have a complete safari experience, rather than embarrassing and grabbing some. of the Bandavgarh.

The park, surrounded by the hills of the West Ghazis, is full of scented sandalwood and teak trees, thick bamboo plantations and dozens of meandering streams. Jeep safaris are the best option to see prey leopards. A boat trip on the Kabini River provides an excellent opportunity to see Indian birds, crocodiles and elephants. The park is accessible from October to February, but due to flooding it can be closed in July and August. See more info at Ranthambore tour package.

The second largest city in Kenya is Mombasa, a landmark with history, since the twelfth century an important trading center for Arab vessels. In the 15th century, Vasco da Gama, the famous Portuguese explorer, is considered the first white man to set foot here. The old town has a distinct, exotic and at the same time familiar air, a mixture of cultures, the predominant being the Arab one. For a break of time in the true sense of the word, visit Kenya!

Kenya safari advice : Kenya is the country where you must come to discover the richest African wildlife. When you get to Masai Mara National Park, you just have to turn your head and immediately you will encounter an antelope, a giraffe, a zebra. But Kenya has many more national parks that are not the same – each with its own specificity. The coasts of the Indian Ocean have that fine white sand and big, green phosphorescence that every European dreams about, especially when in the old continent it is cold and sad. Along the coast (as in Tanzania), an extremely rich civilization developed from the contact between Arab merchants and locals of color. The historical traces can be found in Mombassa, but especially in Lamu, this traditional small town, isolated for centuries on an island not far from the border with Somalia. Source: