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The smell of coffee in the morning, is there anything even slightly better ? There are various of tea types, some are bad, some are good but some manually selected tea leaves and coffee beans are just incredible. Ethics and transparency in the coffee supply chain has received huge attention over the past decade, and with good reason! Traditionally, Arabica coffee is traded on the stock market based in New York which dictates the global price for coffee based on supply and demand. In the late 90s, Vietnam’s coffee production boomed and the market was unexpectedly flooded with an excess supply of coffee. This triggered an 8 year crash with the market operating at levels never seen before.

Our coffee pick today: India – Arabica & Robusta: Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are grown abundantly in India. The much renowned coffee beans grown in the south region of the country are known for their soft taste and high levels of acidity. See extra details on Craft premium coffee blends UK.

Eco friendly coffee tip of the day : Brew Manually: Manual coffee brewers stand in defiance against another one of the great challenges to eco-friendly coffee: auto drip coffee makers. If you take a stroll to your neighborhood supermarket and look at the coffeemakers, you’ll realize a couple things. Firstly, they are cheaply priced. Secondly, they are cheaply made. These coffee pots are plastic-guzzlers that are built to break, requiring the manufacturing of more and more of them. It’s an endless cycle of wasteful manufacturing. Manual coffee brewers, on the other hand, are simply constructed and built to last. They are made of few parts (often just one), rarely require replacing, and can serve you for decades. Manual coffee brewing is amazing in a variety of ways, but their eco-friendly properties are one of the chief advantages (especially if they use a metal filter).

We are an independent, small family business from England. We have a passion for good tea and coffee, and for lemurs. In an effort to combine both of our loves we started this business – a sourcer and blender of the best tea leaves and coffee beans from the best farmers around the world, with our profits feeding directly into lemur conservation. Source: https://lynchsbrew.co.uk/.

We are passionate about tea and coffee, but also about our chosen non-profit organisation, Lemur Love. This organisation focuses on lemur conservation and can be found at www.lemurlove.org. Currently Lynch’s Brew donates 5% of all it’s sales to this organisation. After we reach our first 5000 sales it is our pledge to raise this to 6%, 7% once we reach 10000 sales and 10% once we reach 100000 sales.