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Before the interview, use some time to jot down the main points you will use to answer the question. Remember, you may need to shape your answer slightly if there’s too much of a mismatch between your long term goals and those of the organisation. You need to demonstrate commitment. Be flexible in how you portray your answer, so that the hiring manager can envisage you within the role. Be clear about how you will work towards your goals within the organisation, and not to simply expect them to be delivered to you. Goals that you state out loud to the interviewer should never be salary related!

Choosing to temp in London longer term: I’ve considered permanent placements from time to time, but for now, I’m happy building my career as a temp. I love temping in London. I’ve used the flexibility to benefit a good work-life balance but at the same time I feel that I’ve gained more experience in less time. Temps in office support remain in high demand in London, and so for now, that’s what I’m doing! Pretty much every office-based job description calls for digital skills. Yet most people don’t have the digital skills needed by businesses in the current world of work. 52% of people are lacking the digital skills needed in the workplace. This is a big problem for employers. But it does mean that those people who recognise this and take steps to develop their digital skills, are highly attractive to businesses and likely to excel in their chosen area.

Emotions may be running high, depending on your reason for resigning. However, you need to prepare how to professionally share what you want to share. Indeed, you may decide that it’s not in your best interests to share the full story, and that’s ok. If you do decide to share negative things about working for the company, you need to consider how to word them accurately, fairly, and in a way which reflects positively on you. Preparing what you want to say in advance can help you manage your nerves more effectively too.

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