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Cinema equipment supplier today from Digi Broadcast? We’re not just ‘box-movers’. At our core, we are a group of people who are truly devoted to making your shopping experience more seamless and hassle-free. With hands on technical experience and after-sales service, be rest assured that you’re in safe hands. We’ve been building upon our ethics that got us started – integrity, love for broadcasting, assurance of quality, and cross-discipline approach to brand development. Therefore, Digibroadcast has dispatched products to clients in around 98 nations, and have been included in different print productions and media outlets internationally. Our previous customers include Liverpool Football Club, BBC, RTL Television, Formula 1, etc. Read extra information on Digi Broadcast.

Bags, Cases & Covers buying information from Digi Broadcast Co. LTD : So, you’ve sifted through the countless amazing cameras and lenses on offer at DigiBroadcast with help from our camera buying guide and camera lens buying guide, but how’s best to protect all of your new gear? Thankfully, here at DigiBroadcast, we think of everything, and so we make sure to stock an amazing range of bags, cases and covers for all of your prized broadcasting equipment. Read on below for 6 categories of camera cases and their uses.

Camcorder batteries and chargers are an essential component of any filming or production, whether that’s in a professional capacity or as part of a hobby. Without them, your camcorders simply wouldn’t operate, and so it’s important that you invest wisely. When it comes to batteries and chargers, it’s paramount that you purchase products of a high-quality in order to get the best out of your devices. With camcorder batteries, it’s immediately apparent when you’re using a product of inferior quality, as your batteries will soon drain and your camcorder and devices run out of power.

Here at DigiBroadcast, we offer an extensive range of digital camcorders to ensure that there’s something to suit everybody’s digital needs. Whether you are looking for a new viewfinder monitor or are simply looking for something to kick start your interest in cinematography then we have everything you need and more, from 4K cameras to top end products such as Sony XDCAM. With great prices and choices to choose from, explore our vast range of video camcorders right here at DigiBroadcast.

Most people will have witnessed bustling cityscapes with blurred neons and countless numbers of cars zig-zagging through busy streets, this is achieved by slowing the shutter speed of your camera lens. The effect of this is that moving objects are captured as a blur, while anything that is stationary in the shot will appear focused and sharp. This is especially effective when the moving object, such as a car, is emitting light. It’s best to use a camera tripod when experimenting with slow shutter speeds, this allows still objects to be captured crisply without any accidental knocks or blurs in focus. We’ve all seen the comedic shots of people pinning up the Eiffel Tower or propping themselves against the Leaning Tower of Pisa, these creative shots are captured by tinkering around with an image’s scale.