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Top rated seamless underwear factory? SensElast technology is a patent of inventory,originally from Germany and patent filed globally. SensElast technology basing on patent innovative process and specific materials printing onto textiles with 3D embossing effect,the technology changes the properties of the textile and creats unique garments with with higher comfort as well as additional features and attractive designs. Tengfei got the SensElast patent license from 2013 and became the only one licensed manufacturer in East and South Asia area. Find even more details on seam free shapewear.

Smart wearable is a quality product for the fast pace of life, which can help us improve the quality of life while reducing the output of cost. With China’s leading hardware R&D team and flexible wearable technology, Tengfei Technology has made outstanding achievements in the smart wearable industry. Tengfei Technology Co.,Ltd. integrates R&D, production and sales of smart bra, wearable technology clothing. Smart clothing are key products.Tengfei has created a number of successful series, and wearable technology clothing is one of them.Tengfei pays great attention to integrity and business reputation. We strictly control the quality and production cost in the production. All these guarantee seamless activewear to be quality-reliable and price-favorable.Tengfei has high production efficiency and strong production capacity.

In recent years, the body sculpting and body sculpting underwear industry has developed rapidly, and consumer demand has risen rapidly. China is one of the fastest growing regions in the world’s body sculpting and body sculpting underwear industry. However, for many female consumers, it is not easy to find the right shapewear. Most ladies shapewear on the market is made of strong elastic fiber materials or chemical fiber fabrics, which are often not easily breathable and excessively restrain the body. Under the multiple demand dimensions of comfort, support and aesthetics, the products on the market are still difficult to provide. Ideal solution.

The success of the experiment, not only proved Tengfei’s strong strength, but also once again established Tengfei Technology’s position in the fiber cup raw material industry. It also opens the door to the field of SOLA . SOLA polymer fiber will become a new generation of raw materials used in the underwear industry. This also confirmed that the new era of fiber cup raw materials is about to start!

Tengfei Technology R&D center in Germany develops a new kind of bra cups material—“ SKINFOAM”. This is a new creative material with high density and light-weight (40% lighter than other cups with the same size), which is different from the traditional bra cups; as it has the character of super soft, strong tensile and no deformation after 50 times wash. In addition, it also possesses the property of odorlessness, anti-yellowing, anti-ultraviolet and high breathability and so on, which will be a perfect choose for replacing the traditional foam cups and a new key to opening the female health gate. Discover more info on