Impact of culture and technology synergy these days by Jarábik Barbara

Barbara Jarabik talking about art and technology synergy in 2022 : Technology has highly enhanced transportation day by day. Transportation like vehicles, trains, airplanes, boats have made it easier to get from one place to another in a much quicker way compared to the past. As much as fast delivery of goods within days or weeks instead of months. Technological innovations in the medicine field are fundamental, and are responsible for today’s advancement of healthcare. Technology has led to the provision of proper medicine, which has cleared the fear of some past life-threatening diseases. The widespread use of medical technology has the potential to improve health outcomes through earlier and more accurate treatment.

Barbara Jarabik

There exists always a tough competition between technology and tradition in a community. Technology has constrained the world into a global village by globalization. Imagination of today’s life without electricity, transportation, communication, etc. takes us back in time. The advancement in the field of medical science, engineering, economy, etc. is as a result of technology. Industrialization, Urbanization, Modernization, Development of the means of transport and communication is all possible as a result of positive impact of technology. It also helps in networking of the culture, tradition and coherence of the society. The 21st century has been so much forward due to the progress of technology.

In case of mobile phones initially mobile phones were designed for an industrial purpose in a factory by Motorola, the main reason why mobile phones became famous was when Japanese companies were influenced and inspired by their own culture of talking and sharing knowledge with each other. Technology sometimes gets integrated with a culture and community, in cases when technology cannot integrate, technology adapts to the culture as seen in Kosher phone which was made to adapt to the Jewish culture (which prohibited cameras, text messaging service).

Technology influences society through its products and processes, which consequently influences the quality of life and the ways people act and interact. On the other hand, social needs, attitudes, and values also influence the direction of technological development. For societies to thrive and evolve, technological innovations have become necessary. It has evolved over the last centuries from simple tools such as stone tools and basic books to complex genetic engineering, smart machines, and information technology such as TV, computers, and cell phones. As technological systems are invented by humans, they reflect the very essence of a population’s needs and culture. Discover more info on Barbara Jarabik.

In most of the cultures riding a horse used to be a sign of pride, tradition, ease of transport (Clutton-Brock, 1992) but with the advent of the motor engine slowly we see how there is a progress in the integration of technology. In future, the role of technology would not only be to replicate the needs of a culture, but also choose parts from various cultures, integrate them and create a new model of foundation for a future technology. In some of the cultures meeting a person in person was considered to be the right way of communicating, but we observe that nowadays technology has integrated and slowly, people have started adapting different other means of communication like mobile phones, video conferencing etc.